Top 10 Best Online File Sharing sites of 2020

By | January 12, 2020

Online file sharing sites offer the coolest web services on the web. What if you want to send large files to your friends without struggling with email attachment limits? I am sure you don’t want to tussle with that. The simple answer is online file sharing services.

You don’t need to run a home-based web server to share your large files with your friends. Some best online file sharing sites allow you to share large files faster than any other services on the web. Sharing large files to colleagues and customers is essential nowadays, particularly if you are working in a business firm.

Online file sharing services allow you to share your files quickly with others. You can easily access or allow multiple users to access the same file from any location. Today, I am going to review the top 10 best online file sharing sites on the web. Have a look at 10 of your best choices.

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Top 10 Best Online file sharing sites that allow saving/transfer small as well as large files with strong security in 2020

1. Egnyte

Egnyte is the most popular online file sharing site available in the market today. You can use this service to store, share or backup your important files. It also allows you to access your file or document from anywhere, with any device.

Egnyte is very secure and stores everything on a secure server, so you don’t need to worry about any security flaws. It will back up your files safely. You can add multiple users to access the same files from anywhere.

Egnyte provides 3 premium plans to their clients. Each plan comes with different features, storage size and much more. They provide excellent phone and email support. Overall it is the best online file sharing service.

2. Hightail

Another free file-sharing site on our list is Hightail. Now there is no need of FTP transfers and email attachment limitations. Hightail allows you to share or access your files from your computer and mobile. It offers limitless space and allows you to send any type of file. You can easily track and know where your files are and who is accessing them.

Hightail also offers advanced security to the files you upload and share for personal and business purposes. This online file sharing service offers two premium plans- 1. Pro and 2. Pro Plus.  Pro Plus plan provides many great features such as unlimited space and some monitoring options.

It is a very easy service to use. However, they provide useful FAQs on their website and there is also a discussion forum that offers support.

3. ShareFile

ShareFile is one of the best online file sharing site that allows you to send large files to hundreds of people. It comes with powerful tools and features and let you upload single files to 10 GB in size. It brings professionalism to any business.

ShareFile makes sharing and receiving large files very easy. You can access your files from your computer and mobile phone. The tracking features of ShareFile is just amazing. It allows you to keep track of your files on the go.

With ShareFile, you don’t need to worry about security. It provides an SSAE 16 levels of security. Your files will automatically encrypt in storage and transfer. You can purchase the basic plan which offers 5GB of storage space and two users’ accounts. However, you can download or transfer your files for unlimited times.

4. SendThisFile

If you don’t want to continue with the last two online file sharing sites, then, check out sendthisfile website. SendThisFiles allows you to send large files to your clients or customers. You can easily customize your brand and monitor all the files within the dashboard. SendThisFiles comes with great features and options.

It provides unlimited downloads and sharing limits. But the biggest drawback is they don’t allow mobile access. SendThisFiles offers many different plans. However, the Dedicated Server Plan is the most popular option to choose from. If you are looking for an online file sharing service with an advanced tracking facility along with great features, SendThisFiles is the best choice for all.

This online file sharing service ensures the security of your files through 128-bit SSL and AES encryption. This level of encryption keeps your files safe and secure during data transfer.

ShareTHisFiles provides great customer support via email and live chat. They also offer useful FAQs and a support desk on their official website.

5. SugarSync

SugarSync makes online file sharing so easy. It allows you to upload large files and share it to an individual or multiple individuals. SugarSync is fast and simple to use. It provides advanced security during file transmission.

This service allows you to share or access your files from anywhere. All the files are saved on SugarSync’s secure servers, the files are encrypted with 128-AES. You can eaily access your files from any web-enabled mobile device. They provide apps for Android, iPhones, BlackBerry and Symbian OS.

Now you don’t need to carry a flash/pen drive to keep your files with you. SugarSync helps you access all your files from anywhere. SugarSync can help you send large files faster than any other file sharing service available. SugarSync has the features, security and simplicity that you are looking for. They provide customer support via email and phones.

6. DropSend

Email is great, right? But it has its limitations and you can’t email large files. It’s so frustrating! But DropSend allows you to drop your files in and send them quickly. This online file sharing service helps send large files to your clients without being bounded by email attachment limits.

DropSend allows you to upload a large file online and on the other hand the receiver gets a download link instantly. It is very easy to send large files with DropSend. You can also send multiple files at once and every single file can be up to 2GB in size.

DropSend offers various different plans and every plans has something different to offer. The basic plan offers 10GB of online space to store your large files. DropSend takes security very seriously. It also allows you to access your files from mobile device.

DropSend has few standard tracking options.  It offers helpful  video tour on its website to help you understand its features. They provide good email support to their customers. Overall its a standard online file sharing service.

 7. Onehub

If you want to make your files work for you, Onehub helps store your files, work with colleagues  and impress your customers all in one place. It is designed to work with all individuals and make sharing files very simple.

Onehub allows you to upload large files and share with a few simple mouse clicks. Onehub is best for any type of business organization. You can upload unlimited files at once without spending a large amount of time.

Onehub offers three plans to suits  your needs. Each plan comes with different storage space and features. You can keep your files forever, there is no expiry date unless you set a specific expiry date. The tracking feature is totally awesome. It tracks everything from viewing your files to editing.

Onehub has a secure server with 256-bit encryption and protect your files 24×7. They offers customers support on it’s website. You can also contact via telephone or email. Overall, Onehub is an excellent option for online file sharing service.

8. Adobe SendNow

Adobe SendNow makes sharing large files made very easy. It allows you to upload, share and track all your files online without and hassle.  You can now easily send large files to your colleagues and clients without any headache.

Adobe SendNow allows you to convert all your files to PDFs, which prevent any type of changes made by 3rd party users. It provides a desktop application which is very easy to use. They do not offers any type of mobile access.

It provides good tracking features. You can easily view, organize and share the files within the dashboard. Adobe SendNow offers a secure environment for your files. They provide customer support via phone, email and live chat and also offer useful FAQs on its website.

9. Box

If you are looking for an online file sharing service that fulfills your business needs, Box comes with outstanding features. It allows you to upload large files and track all your user activity within a dashboard.  The service is fast and simple to use.

Box provides great tracking options and top-notch security features. They offer three plans to choose, different plans offer different storage space options. Luckily, you can keep your files as long as you want.

Box allows you to access your files from the mobile devices. You can upload or share files from your smartphone or tablet without any hassle. The tracking feature offers you to track and watch all the activity right on the user interface. Box takes security very seriously. It has 256-bit AES SSL encryption. All the files are protected with high security. It also offers password protection to your files in no time.

Box provides useful FAQs on its website to help understand its features. You can also connect to their customer support team via email and phone. The box is perfect for any type of business. It is free from all the limitations such as attachment limits, FTP complications and more.

10. TransferBigFiles

TransferBigFiles is the only option you need to share large files with your customers or colleagues. Basically it is an online file sharing service that allows you to upload large files and share it to multiple individuals.

It provides a variety of features and tools. They also allow you to access their site from a mobile device. TransferBigFiles comes with 3 premium plans. Different plans come with different features and tools. The good thing is the service price is very affordable and worth to try.

You can easily track all the activity right from your dashboard  It is faster, smarter and smoother in use. They also offer a desktop application in case you share large files on a regular basis. You can share anything from Word documents, PDFs to images, music etc.

TransferBigFiles offers SSL security during file transmission.  You can set the password to protect your files, so that only selected users can view your files. FAQs are always accessible through the site and email support is available.

Got any more tips about online file sharing sites of 2020? Please share them in the comments.

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