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By | May 25, 2019

Best voice changer software: Do you agree you wish to have more than two voices? Do you want to have the same voice like a celebrity? Imagine that you are trolling your friends by making your fake voice. We have created a solution for you, get ready voice changer for discord.

Voice-altering software that can mask your voice and produce sounds like a celebrity or male or female. We have updated the list of voice modulation software picked based on user ratings.

Our latest ten best voice changer software with effects in 2019 can make your video chatting awesome. So, get ready voice changer for discord. Read the review and pick the best voice changer software for Windows & Mac PC.

#01. Avsoft VC– Real time voice changer

male to female voice changer software for pc
Avisoft voice changer cover

AV voice changer software gives you the possibility to make voice change to male and female. If you are a video streamer, looking for real time voice changer, then, you can go for avsoft VC a perfect voice changer discord software.


  1. It lets you record audio out of your microphone.
  2. It has an inbuilt player and recorder.
  3. You can record voice, played-back songs, and works real-time audio modulation. Play again, wholly different codecs.
  4. This different voice changer permits you to edit and convert pre-recorded audio formats.
  5. It has got batch enhancing capabilities.
  6. The software contains voice and background results makes alter your audio recordings.
  7. It permits you to examine voices for simulating functions.

Perfect voice changer for discord software 2019.Let’s visit and download now.

#02.  Skype voice changer for PC

professional voice changing software
Skype voice changer pro user inter face

SkypeVoiceChanger software that is ready to fake your voice for conversions on Skype. This software is only available in Windows 10 PC. The developer says soon it will available in other platform. The Microsoft .NET 4.0 framework is necessary to run in Windows.

It has limited features, but having a variety of voice altering options. You can use voice modification when chatting online and Skype VoIP.


  1. You can also set auto detect voice for fast voice manipulation.
  2. During its boot-up, it tries to detect voices and hooks up with Skype. By clicking on the ‘Add Effect’ button, it is going to will let you select an impact to add.
  3. Control voice depth and speed during online voice chatting.
  4. It has 10+ types of voice modulation.
  5. It offers a fantastic option to masks your authentic voice throughout Skype calls.

#03. Voxal – voice changer for discord

voice pitch changer
Voxal voice changer

If you are looking for discord voice changer, then, you must use Voxal. It enable mask on your voice. It modify voices & creates new voices for podcasts. Moreover, it alter voices in online chats, video games, and film clips.


  1. It permits you to apply different codecs save in your hard drive.
  2. It has different types of male and female voice changer filter.
  3. You will find a library of 14 sound effects.
  4. It enables you to apply adjustments to your voice pitch shifting.
  5. You’ll be able to see results in real time what kind of voice.
  6. You will get a natural, intuitive interface. The big window has a ribbon tab design.

It is skilled in voice changer discord. Moreover, it has got a small footprint, regardless of the very fact that it’s filled with helpful options.

Number one software available on the internet for voice voice changer discord.

 #04. Voicemod– a voice manipulation software

pitch changer youtube
Voicemod welcome page

If you are looking for voice manipulation software that enable you to generate fake voice in second, then, you can go for Voicemod.

It’s a software which shows you how funny your voice could be when you play PUBG, online voicechat, Skype.

Its voice alter software program.


  1. It’s suitable for communication, video games, and fake voice chatting software programs.
  2. This software permits you to load audio like wav, Mp3 file, and assign impact on it.
  3. It has several types of voice changer options.
  4. It makes your voice into superstar tones, military radio, Asian lady voice, and rather more.
  5. Windows 10 voice changer- Download for free, 20+ voice modification tracks.
  6. Furthermore, it has got excellent user interface (UI) makes your experience incredible.

#05. Clownfish– voice masking software

voice changer discord
Clownfish voice changer welcome screen

Clownfish is considered one of the best voice masking software.


  1. It gets installed on system level, so, it automatically change voice that uses microphone or other audio capture device.
  2. Music voice changer- auto detect music voice & enhance audio control and playlist
  3. 14 Voice effects you can use for free.
  4. That is such an enjoyable software program to make use of brand new factor for communication.
  5. It supports Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugin.

You’ll fall in love with the online game voices most of all because it suits in entirely with gaming.

It might use some work to make it built-in as there are some glitches with sure packages. Even so, it’s a fresh product, nonetheless. It creates fake voice of yours. So, it makes you perceive how Skype is enjoyable, Google Hangouts, and other different videos/audio chat web sites.

Lets download and mask your voice now.

#06. MorphVox

free voice changer software
MorphVOXPro screenshot

Another awesome voice altering software software for PC. Best part of the MorphVOX pro software is its available on windows 1o and Mac OS. It is optimized for online games, skype, video chatting, live streaming. But, it is also fantastic for prank call, offer real time voice changer voice chat and VoIP.


  1. Control audio sound effect.
  2. A lot of sound effect to choose.
  3. Pitch shift adjustment, voice strength, noise cancellation and a lot of amazing features you will get.
  4. It has Pre-installed free voice and sound packs, including tons of new voices and sounds in MorphVOX Professional.
  5. Take your voice to a brand new stage with superior voice filters, background cancellation, and high sound quality. Use it for altering your voice to role-play and add funny.
  6. It has great voice altering algorithms and ultra-quiet background cancellation.
  7. The software provides high-quality sound which is ideal for creating voice-overs on your newest video or audio challenge.

One of the coolest and faster voice altering software tool out there in the internet.

#07. ViscomVoiceChanger – Free | Windows 10

 voice changer software freeware
Viscom voice changer screenshot

This is another great voice changer software for Windows 10 . It integrates with the PC audio, and automatically capture audio from the PC and covert audio into make and female voice, that’s cool.

Viscom is great for those people who looking for online streaming games and chatting. Moreover, it is compatible with almost all video streaming websites.


  1. It comes with 24 different voices and help voice recording from the PC.
  2. Changing the pitch in real time.
  3. Get waveform color settings.
  4. You can adjust the bit-rates of audio file.
  5. It integrates with audio driver, works as a real time voice change on Skype and different modulation software program.
  6. It’s engaged on several platforms.
  7. Result can be saved to WAV, WMA, or MP3 audio file

#08. Fake Voice

voice masking software
Fake voice logo

This is also a tool that can be used for fake voice change. Though the software is light weight but it provides amazing effects in real time.


  1. You will free 30 days trial.
  2. After the trial, if you don’t make purchase you will get access to minimum features.
  3. Fake voice – voice changing software that can produce voice male to female by letting alter your voice bitrate.
  4. Clean and easy to use user interface.
  5. It does not have many options; a primary user can easy manage all the tools.
  6. Easy to integrate with your communication software.
  7. Examine your voice and allows you to view your pitch and quantity what you speak.
  8. The Robotic impact offers you a robotic voice, and by clicking on the grid, you’ll be able to change the tone of the voice.
  9. The Echo impact provides an echo to your voice, and you’ll alter its length and energy.
  10. Tons of voice change effect available.
  11. Apply robotic effects and speaks like a robot, celebrity.
  12. Apply echo speak like you are standing on one side of river bank or well.

Let’s download the software and make your voice robotic.

#09. Supervoicechanger

windows 10 voice changer
Supervoicechanger screenshot

SuperVoiceChanger is a free voice changer for Windows PC that can able to deploy voice male to female.

This is a voice changing software program for all audio Windows software program.


  1. You will find standard user interface which is easy to use.
  2. The software can simulate Real time voice change without tweaking any settings within the system.
  3. It automatically adjust voices like robot, celebrity change, male to female voice in just one click.
  4. Adjust voice pitch.
  5. Advanced features- voice equalizer adjust, noise reduce, voice smooth.
  6. Vocal effect library includes lovely girl, soft girl, little girl, sweet girl, magnetic girl, heavy men, strong men, celeb and more.
  7. You don’t need any further settings to change the system’s voice. Once you chat with somebody your voice gets modified.

#10. All in one voice changer

voice changer software for pc free download full version
All in one voice changer screenshot

Last but not the least, we have another voice changer for discord software to use for free. This software is available only for windows OS.

Not only change your voice pitch for Skype.

The possibilities of Voice Changing makes this software useful for all .


  1. Just import the audio file auto detect the audio, and change voice automatically.
  2. It has easy to use UI, your voice will automatically get converted to provided character, you have to just place the button above cartoon for example dragon, alien, male, female, and cat.
  3. Supports multiple languages.
  4. It is based on Skype Voice Changer, also integrates with Yahoo Messenger and QQ international.
  5. Test the voice pitch to use it in the call, and get voice pattern.
  6. It can change your voice pitch during the call in a funny, prank with your friends during video chat through IM tools like Skype, Yahoo Messenger or QQ International.

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