12 best free RSS reader apps for Android, iPhone, and tablet in 2020

By | January 14, 2020

Best Free RSS reader apps: RSS Feeds are the best way to catch up with the interesting latest updates of your favorite websites. For people who wonder what is RSS Feeds, let me briefly explain. RSS Feed is a Really Simple Syndication web feed format that lets you subscribe to any website, blog and receive updates instantly as soon they publish the articles. You can use RSS feed readers such as Google reader for the web-based client and FeedDemon for desktop rss client. We have also told you about the Espressoreader and there are alternatives for RSS feed reader too.

Today most of the people use mobile phones and surf the internet on the go. Specially for iPhone, iOS device owners, there are some best RSS reader apps to catch up with your favorite website news while on the go. Check out the list below for the best RSS reader app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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8 best RSS reader apps for Android/iOS

01. Reeder

Reeder for iPhone, iPad is rated as the number one RSS reader app. It syncs with your Google reader and provides lot of customization and options such as Image caching, Slider control for list entries, sharing items to many social websites. It is not a free app.

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02. Flipboard

Flipboard is a free iPad app for RSS reading. Flipboard has a user-friendly design, see who is sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Flickr, and Instagram. Read your favorite article in a magazine layout that is easy to read and share. Share articles and photos, comment on posts, and like or favorite anything. Moreover, you can Customize your Flipboard with sections created from your favorite news, people, blogs and topics.

03. Pulse

Pulse is a popular RSS reading app available for many platforms. It’s a free app for iOS devices. Pulse has a beautiful layout with a thumbnail preview for each story in a news feed. Tap on an article, and you will see your article viewed in landscape mood. Sharing the story via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Linkedin is as easy as two taps. Featured in the Hall of Fame in-app store.

04. MobileRSS

MobileRSS Pro for iPhone is a paid app that provides exclusive features onto a clear magazine layout platform which makes reading the news fun again. Feed and folder management is easy, Supports offline reading, full-screen article viewing, rotation lock, landscape view, swipe gestures, image saving and much more.

05. Byline 5

Byline reader for iPhone, iPad is another RSS reading app that is not free. Like above-paid apps, this too has similar premium features such as sync two ways with Google reader account, quick navigation, offline reading, high-resolution graphics, automatic caching, built-in browser, social sharing made easy.

06.  Fast news

Fast News is a lightweight RSS reader and a newsreader app. It shows current news articles from your country’s major newspapers. It supports almost all major countries.

Newsrob has been my favorite lightweight RSS reader app. But sad to see it go after the demise of Google Reader.

07. PressReader

PressReader is a simple and elegant RSS reader that has a clean user interface. It can support syncing from your Feedly account. If you have a Feedly account, Press RSS works on Feedly engines. So it can sync articles from Feedly.

08.  News Reader

News Reader runs on Feedly engine. It looks elegant and provides full Feedly support for Android and iOS devices. If you own an Android / iPhone device you can use this RSS app.

If you’re on Android, then NextGen is the app. Runs on Feedly engine has a fast and clean and beautiful reader app inspired by Metro UI and packed with powerful features.

There are lots of other android based RSS reader apps that I’m yet to try it out. I will update this space as I keep trying new RSS reader apps on Android.

4 best RSS feed reader websites/apps for Tablets

For tablets, magazine-style RSS feed reader apps are the best. It gives you the ultimate pleasure of reading articles. The swipes and turns to next and previous articles, magazine-style view with thumbnails display and one-click share to social profiles, etc. make it awesome.

Some of the magazine-style RSS reader apps that I prefer are Flipboard gReader, Plus news, Google currents, Feedly, Zite and more. You can read my list of magazine-style RSS reader apps with screenshots.

If you own an iOS device such as iPhone, iPad – here is the list of 5 Best RSS reader apps for iPhone, iPad. Do check out and add if any of the apps is outdated or missed out.

If you’re looking for a desktop-based RSS reader – my choices are Feed demon for Windows and Favoriteer for Mac. 

01. Feedly

Feedly – I have been using Feedly past two months and loved it. Previously you need to install the chrome extension to use Feedly on the web. But after the rise in users, team Feedly has developed into a standalone cloud-based RSS app. You can access them directly via cloud.feedly.com.

Feedly even has android, iOS mobile apps. To subscribe to any website to Feedly, you can use their chrome extension or browser bookmarklet. Simply hit the bookmarklet to add the specific website to your Feedly RSS reader. You have a lot of other features on Feedly, I am not going to explain it here. You can find it on their official website.

02. The Old reader 

My second choice after the demise of Google reader was The Old reader. It has similar user interface and very minimalistic. I loved it mainly because of the interface. Do read my thoughts.

03. Digg 

The famous social bookmarking site Digg has created an RSS reader called Digg reader. It has a mix of Digg top news stories and RSS in a simple interface. It looks similar to the Google reader interface.

04. Goread

Goread is the exact clone of Google reader. Just import the OPML subscriptions XML file and goread uses the same keyboard shortcuts as Google reader. Check the below screenshot on how it looks.


There are other web-based RSS readers such as AOL reader, Pulse (now it has got a web-based reader too) and few others. The top 3 choices Feedly, old reader and Digg reader are my choices. I loved Google reader for its simple interface, easy sharing options, and keyboard shortcuts 

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