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By | August 3, 2019

Best Cartoon picture apps: Looking for best photo to cartoon picture apps android/iPhone 2019, then, you are in right place.The photos and videos people share on their social media are the things most of the time works for increasing followers and fame. You can boost your follower list and give a fresh update to your followers by using cartoon making apps instead of using only typical, common filters.

Doing this will add extra effect on both your photos and followers.

In this era of technology, one does not have to imagine only how they will look like in the cartoon. But, they can easily able to see their cartoon faces.

For this, they won’t have to us any kind of high tech camera, graphics or any advanced technology.

There is some brilliant android/iphone app that makes pictures look like cartoons.

Just an android or iPhone will do the work with the help of a cartoon making app.

Plus, no need to wait for a long process to see your cartoon face, you can see it right after clicking it and a few clicks on the app.

After researching, we have found a lot of apps that offer a cartoon filter or editor for users. Among them, we have gone through a review process to find out the top 10 best photo to cartoon picture apps android/iPhone 2019.

And here is the result.

#01. Toon Camera – Picture to cartoon photo editor

cartoonizer app
  • Platform: iOS
  • Value: Paid, $1.99
  • Size: 26.1 MB

One of the best top level app for creating cartoons pictures in seconds.

Made for iOS, Toon Camera is an awesome camera app to record videos and click photos. You will just love it.

This app has come up with a lot of interesting features

A reason can be said, that it has a vast amount of effects, like pencil effect, lots of cartoon effects.

A real-time cartoon version of the photo is available even before clicking the photo. Isn’t that amazing?

Plus, you can cartoonize the images from your file manager too.

This app supports its effects to be highly customized.

You can also share the cartoonized photos on social media directly from the app. Install the app and start creating cartoon selfies now.

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 #02. Cartoon Yourself

cartoon camera, Cartoon effect
  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • Value: Free, Plus In-app Purchase
  • Size: 15 MB

Another cartoon pictures app is cartoon yourself, it can instantly turn your photo into cartoon. If you are looking for app that makes pictures look like cartoons, then, this is the app you must install in your phone.

After you install the app, click “Add a Photo” then select the photo cartoonize, click “Apply Effects”, and then watch the magic of this app.

It will show you a lot of effects, features, stickers of its reserve.

Like Toon Camera, it also has a built-in social share button to share the edited photos with your friends.

#03. Painnt– turn yourself into a cartoon

toon camera, paintt, turn photos into cartoon camera effect
  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • Value: Free, plus in-app purchase
  • Size: Varies with Device.

One of the best cartoon picture app for android and iPhone/ipad.

Like the previous apps, Painnt has a large number of cartoons filters available here, but has some additional features like controlling and manipulating the transparency and brightness of the image you are editing. Now your cartoon picture on your android is ready to share on social media.

Most of the features are controlled by the user, not default.

In quest of cons, it has limitations of features in the free version.

Let’s download the app and get ready to turn photos into cartoon camera effect.

#04. Sketch Me– a cartoonizer app

Sketch me, toon camera
  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • Value: Free on Android, Paid in Apple apps store, $1.99
  • Size: 16.4 MB

Another fantastic cartoonizer app for android/iPhone in 2019 is Sketch Me. With the help of this app you can turn cartoon yourself.

Features like cartoon camera, Cartoon effect, pastel are in its stock.

You can do art with its brightness and color feature; apply your favorite cartoon effects on any photos. They are so easy to customize.

Don’t believe me, download sketch me app covert pic to cartoon now. So easy.

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#05. Moment Cam – turn picture into cartoon

animated effect app, moment cam
  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • Value: Free, Plus In-app Purchase
  • Size: Varies with device

Another free android/iphone app that can turn picture into cartoon is moment cam. This app has amazing animated effect and cool art features this is main reason we have placed it in fifth position.

It’s something more than just a cartoon maker app.

Moreover, it is also a good cartoon photo editor app. You can also edit the cartoon version of your photo.

This super easy to use app only requires you to select the photo, the rest is its duty to make it a cartoon. You can also add extra effects, beards, glasses, insert background and many more.

Has a large collection of cartoons, effects, emoticons, and many more tools.

#06. Photo To Cartoon Yourself Edit– iOS

photos into cartoon, photos to cartoon yourself
  • Platform: iOS
  • Value: Free, Plus In-app Purchase
  • Size: 77 MB

Just like the Toon Camera creating cartoons in few seconds, you can turn your photos into cartoons while clicking as well as from the stored images.

Unlike the others, it creates really beautiful cartoons.

This app enables you to drawing cartoon directly on pictures

You can hit your social media with it.

You can add stickers, effects, adjust brightness according to your choice.

There’s nothing like photo breaking in editing on this app.

Only a matter of sorrow is that this app does not have social share buttons.

You would have to share the photos manually.

Let’s download and starts convert your photo to cartoon.

#07. Cartoon Photo Filters

  • Platform:  Android
  • Value: Free, Contains Ads
  • Size: 23 MB

Another great app for making pictures look like cartoons is Cartoon photo filters. This app has amazing cartoon photo filters with camera effects. It is available on both android and iPhone/iPad.

To convert a photo into a cartoon from your file or just after clicking, Cartoon Photo Filter is the best one to go.

With more than 10 million-plus install it is one best app of Android OS and user.

You can both save the photo on your phone or share on social media.

#08. Cartoon Photo Editor

cartoon photo editor
  • Platform: Android
  • Value: Free, Contains Ads
  • Size: 9.6 MB

This is also a great cartoon pictures app for Android 2019. A real time cartoon camera and video editor app which is featured to record and click photos and videos from both back and front camera on the app. Autofocus, converting photos into cartoon from both clicked and stored images made this app an awesome program for users.

The real-time preview whelps users to see the picture cartoonized even before rendering the photo.

So, what are you waiting for lets download the app from play store and avatar yourself.

#09. Moments Cartoon Caricature

animate your photos app
  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • Value: Free,
  • Size: 75 MB

Another great app for iPhone and android user, those who are looking for an app that can animate your photos like a pro.

Has a rich collection of tools in a single app.

Lots of built-in features made this enriched from inside.

Has a black and white cartoonizing featured which unique. Only a few other apps may have introduced us with that feature.

You can create stunning images to boost your followers on social media.

#10. Prisma – cartoon making apps

Cartoon yourself app
  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • Value: Free, Plus In-app Purchase and contains Ads
  • Size: 12 MB

A great app that turn photos into cartoons iphone/android 2019.

2016’s most trending app and one of the best cartoon making app is this.

 A lot of celebrities also used this app that time.

As trending changes every moment, it went down. But the features are still the same.

You can still use this feature for which the app went viral at that time.

It cartoonizes photos in such a way that it looks like it has been done by any expert artists.

It updates and adds new effects every now and then. So you will never get bored to use this app.

Only e few apps including this one allow users to save their photos in Ultra HD.

Best of all cartoon picture apps, photos edited by Prisma looks so beautiful this can be comparable to none.

Download Prisma and get ready to turn yourself into a cartoon.

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Hope you guys you have got the list of top 10 best photos to cartoon picture apps android/iPhone 2019. Hola! get ready to turn your photo to cartoon. This can really help you to boost your social media followers.  Did I missed anything let me know in the comment section.

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