Top 10 Best Cursive Tattoo Fonts free download

By | January 1, 2020

Cursive tattoo fonts carving is the hot cake in the tattoo business as the previous and ancient mode of tattoo carnation is long extinct.

The whole thing once used to depend upon the creativity and sole expertise of the artists.

This practice of visiting tattoo artists is no more in action these days. Rather the trend is now to select the type of font by the consumers themselves and then visiting the artists to get it graven.

List of 10 most popular Cursive Tattoo Fonts

Tattoo is not only about carving anything which looks funky and fancy. Tattoo defines the physical as well as the mental state of mind. It reflects the emotional aspect of the person bearing the tattoo.

There is no such Archimedes principle for choosing the exact family of fonts or some limited designs to get carved. Anybody can choose anything of their fascination. Out of which, the cursive tattoo fonts are setting the trends.

This font family has several allotropes of its own. Cursive tattoo fonts have their characters to incline at a certain angle upon its next character on its right. As a whole, the texts seem to flow into the character adjacent to their right-hand side.

This unique property of cursive tattoo font presents a gorgeous and extra vibrant design conjuring a meaning in them.

To select perfect fonts out of several cursive tattoo fonts one needs to plow through the internet which may take several light-years for a choice to occur. This

Some fonts are widespread for their simplicity.

So here is a list of popular cursive tattoo fonts, popular but unique:1.

1. The Graffiti Font –

Cursive graffiti tattoo fonts
Cursive graffiti tattoo fonts

One modern type of cursive tattoo font in resemblance to much of a street mural painting. It kind of mimics the strokes of a thick marker with twisted and jagged lines, sometimes straight.

You can either fill the characters with one or more colors to bring in the vibrancy within the words and variance in the level of shades.

2. Your Own Signature Font –

Your Own Signature Font
Your Own Signature Font

Second, in our list Cursive Tattoo Fonts is Your Own Signature Font. Thought of making a tattoo from your own or your loved ones’ handwriting? That’s quite unique in its own way. Provide this to your artist and let him create a stencil and carve the tattoo.

The colors and shades entirely depend upon you.

3. Mardian Pro –

Mardian Pro
Mardian Pro

This tattoo cursive font is quite attractive for its slanted flow and the extra piece of ribbon-like strokes in the first character of each word. The other following letters are quite decent and distinct.

4. Moonlight Shadow –

Moonlight Shadow

This is one of the kinds of tattoo fonts cursive which has a straight backbone. The first and last characters are artistically designed with extended and curvy ends. This can be a unique choice too.

5. Xtreem Demo –

Xtreem Demo Font
Xtreem Demo Font

This is quite sporty in its appearance. It’s almost zigzag within each letter. The strokes seem merciless and pointed altogether producing a sharp image.

6. Dirty and Classic –

Dirty and Classic Font
Dirty and Classic Font

This font has a dirty beginning and a classic ending as its name suggests. The first letter is essentially dirty but the letter seems intelligible. The dirtiness in the letter makes it look distinctive.

7. Nina Script Pro –

Nina Script Pro

The font is very artistic with design curls on each letter. To add to its beauty just try to color this in red and yellow. This combination just flares up the words.

8. The Ginga Font –


This also seems like dirtied beauty. The strokes are curvy with stroke-holes at certain places. Your body part won’t look empty in any area after carving this font.

9. Zenda Font –


Each letter is extremely unique, artistic and curvy. This might need a painstaking effort from your artists but the result is simply awesome. Adding colors with variable shades might just bring a stunning appearance.

10. Olho de Boi Font –

Olho de Boi

This font has its relation somewhere near the Gothic font style. It has an appearance of some witches flying on their magical broomsticks. Some dark colors will add to its beauty.

So lastly, before getting your favorite cursive font as a tattoo, make sure you hire someone expert in this job to prevent any sort of accident.

Also, ask if they have something more surprising for you before rushing into the conclusion. So enjoy cursive tattoo fonts and flash the best tattoo in your town.

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