Top 10 best iPhone apps for college students free download

By | July 10, 2019

iPhone apps for College Students | Being a student—and a college student, no less—is never easy.  With all the work that’s always in front of you, studying requires hard work, diligence, and resourcefulness.  Of course, students have a wide range of tools available, from the on-campus library to the entire Internet.  But who knew the iPhone could also be an invaluable tool for students?  This crafty little mobile phone is not simply all about fun and games; it can also be extremely beneficial for a student, making their lives easier and more convenient.  Here are the top best iPhone applications for college students.

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#01. Convert- The Unit Calculator

Your calculator has never been this flexible and usable!  The Convert Unit Calculator, a popular iPhone app, converts an amazing range of units that can be used not only for your math class.  It converts science and design class related units, making it a useful all-around iPhone tool you just can’t live without.

#02. Wikipedia -iPhone app for college students

Price: Free

Best iPhone apps for college students free download
Wikipedia is not exactly the most reliable resource you can consult, but it is useful when you need a quick peek at any given topic.  This free iPhone application allows you fast and easy access to Wikipedia information.

#03. World History Maps: The World

Free iPhone apps for College students 2019

This free iPhone application offers detailed maps of practically everything on Earth!  History: Maps of the World is undeniably useful and convenient.

#04. Geotimescale enhanced

‎geotimescale enhanced
‎geotimescale enhanced
Developer: Danny Pilkenton
Price: 1,09 €

Is Art Studies not exactly your thing?  Art Lite can provide you with detailed histories on timescales, eons, eras, periods, epochs detail data’s you are bound to encounter in school.

#05. iStudiez Pro

Best college iPhone apps free download

Another popular iPhone app, the iStudiez Pro is useful for keeping your schedule, class notes, tasks, homework, assignments, projects, and more.  You will never miss a deadline again with this app.


Best college apps for iPhone free download

With over 250,000 word definitions, you will never have to bring a thick old dictionary to class again!  And since it works offline, you can consult it anywhere, anytime.

#07. Kindle for iPhone

Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
Price: Free

Are you required to bring tons of heavy books for your literature class?  Amazon’s Kindle for iPhone can solve your problems.  This app allows you to read books from the Amazon catalog using your iPhone.

#08. FBReader: ePub and fb2 reader

Of course, your Kindle for iPhone App would be somewhat useless without this app that allows you to shop for Amazon e-books.  It allows you to shop in other stores too!

#09. Sleep Cycle: smart alarm clock

Are you constantly on the go?  During this time in life, having an alarm clock that suits your needs is a must.  This iPhone application does not only work as a typical alarm clock; it also plays soothing music, which can help you grab a quick nap during your free time!

#10. SparkNotes

This iPhone app is a handy version of SparkNotes and is the ultimate study guide.  If you are ever in an extreme time crunch and need to learn a book fast, this app is your ticket.

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