Keepsafe Photo Vault app for Windows 10 & Mac PC to secure your files

By | June 5, 2019

Keepsafe PC“: Do you agree that you have romantic photos with your boyfriend or girlfriend that you want nobody can access your photos?

In this situation, you need a security app that can shield your phone as well as folders.

KeepSafe app is among the famous and most excellent file vault app.

Photo Vault app is free software from Google Play store, and you can also download and install in Windows 10 and Mac PC.

It’s an android and iPhone app that makes a shield on your mobile, so to file can stay away from pray.

Moreover, Keepsafe gives you auto back up and image recovery in your phone.

Also, on the PC. If you want to download Keepsafe Photo Vault for PC, then, read this tutorial and learn how you can install and download Keepsafe for PC Windows 10, Mac & Linux.

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What is Keepsafe Photo Vault app?

Keepsafe photo Vault provides guard against unauthorized access from prayed eyes

It gives powerful encryption with PIN and fingerprint safety techniques.

It makes most safe to cover or maintain your photographs away from prying eyes.

The picture and video vault maintain photographs and even secure your folder.

I have introduced you this app to make use of because it works like Snapchat and Facebook Poke.

If you are familiar with Aaplock, you would surprise to know that it also works the same as Aaplock.

Also, have extra features. It provides security on your paperwork, bank cards, driver’s license and photocopies of different vital paperwork and keeps everything safe in your device.

You can even share photographs for a restricted time like on Snapchat or Fb’s Poke app.

It uses PUN and biometrics like a fingerprint to maintain the records-data secured.

It provides the auto backup of photographs and important files. So, nobody may fall you in trouble.

Download Keepsafe Photo Vault android app

Keepsafe Photo Vault app details

Run on PCBluestacks 4 & Nox
Operating SystemsWindows 10,8,7, XP or Mac
App Developer Keepsafe
App Updated2 June 2019
Version 9.35.1

6 Best Keepsafe Photo Vault app features

Encryption: Keepsafe makes use of 256 bit AES to encrypt your files and folder. When your data transfer to a network, it uses SSL to secure your transmission.

Data security: If your phone or PC lost, nobody can to brute power or decrypt the encrypted files. Hence, you are safe even in PC. Good achievement!

Timer: You can set a timer to send any data to others, like Snapchat your sending data auto-deleted to the receiver.

Locker: Your files secured in Keepsafe. It needs your set PIN or biometric features to unlock files and folder.

Sync files: If you have changed your phone or PC. You have to login into your account your all data will auto synchronized to your new devices.

Auto backup: Since you are using this app in your PC. It will restore all the data to your desktop or laptop. Make your life easy.

Keepsafe Photo vault app Pros and Cons


  1. Simple and clean UI. There’s nothing like figuring out somebody has added a photograph to any shared album.
  2. Good options for a user who don’t want to public his or her personal photographs. Free back up even your device is lost.
  3. Connection encrypted through a network, uses strong SSL.
  4. Provide data sensitive.
  5. Uses Biometric features to unlock.


  1. You have to reinstall Keepsafe in desktop PC or mobile to view your data.
  2. Everytime unlock your files using biometric features.
  3. Keepsafe is not a free app, it has some limitations.
  4. It contains annoying pop-up advertisement.
  5. Unlock premium account to get extra benefits.

How to open Keepsafe files on Windows 10, Linux and Mac PC

To open Keepsafe files on PC, place the password protected files inside your computer. Open the Blustacks app player, then, run Keepsafe photo vault app. Now, open the encrypted files and unlock the files using passwords.

Hola! In this way you can open Keepsafe files on PC.

How to download Keepsafe Photo vault for PC on Windows, Linux and Mac OS PC

You are an Android user want to use Keepsafe in your PC. Through this tutorial you will understand step by step processes on how to install Keepsafe for Windows and Mac PC.

As always, we will use Android Emulator to run Keepsafe in PC.

Except Android emulator there is no other way to download and install any Android app in PC.

We will use Blustacks 3N to run keepsafe app in PC. Let’s start

Shortcut steps to download and install Keepsafe Photo Vault app in Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and Mac PC.

  1. Download Blustacks android emulator in your PC.

  2. Install and run Bluestacks in desktop or laptop pc.

  3. Provide Google account (Gmail) information for first time boot.

  4. Drag and drop apk file over the Blustacks android emulator or download files from Google play store.

    Keepsafe app download PC

  5. Open the app, register or provide Keepsafe Photo Vault app information.

  6. Now, unlock or encrypt all your data.

  7. That’s it

Hola! You have successfully downloaded Keepsafe Photo Vault app in Windows 10, Linux and Mac OS PC


I think you have got your solution for the purpose of land here. I

know after reading the tutorial, you have successfully download “Keepsafe app in PC“.

If you think I have missed some any tricks. Leave your valuable thoughts in the comment section.

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