Razer Blade Stealth Gtx1650- 13 Inches Gaming Ultra Book for Warriors of Game

By | January 6, 2020

The 13-inch Ultrabook that’s now been updated with the GTX 6 and 50 up from the MX 150 from last year. the best part is that they kept the same battery capacity and the same form factor with really good thermals that are probably the part you’re most interested in so we’ll start with the thermals and the performance for a bit of context this thing is the same thickness and weight as a 13-inch MacBook Pro so 50 millimetres thick and it weighs 3 pounds but reading battlefield 5 with the fans on max for half an hour measured 70 degrees on the CPU and 62 on the GPU part of that is a new tenth generation I slicked CPUs that are slightly more power-efficient than the previous ones. They don’t seem to have a factory underclock like a blade 15 according to your hardware monitor but it doesn’t seem like you’ll need it anyway fans on idle are completely silent the fans don’t spin at all under load they’re reasonable with fans on auto max though they’re loud they don’t scream like a vacuum cleaner. Get ordering of accessories today with available Paypal coupons online.


You’re going to get slightly lower frame rates compared to a 15-inch laptop with a full 45 watt 6 core CPU but given the excellent thermals you can probably overclock the GPU lighter games like Team Fortress 2 will run at 100-plus fps. Older triple-a games like doom or GTA 5 can maintain 60 FPS at 1080p medium 20:18 and newer triple-a games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider or battlefield 5 will need settings drop to low or medium to hit 60 okay getting to the actual laptop the build and design remains the same as the one from earlier this year with the MX 150 it still got the boxy shape speaker grilles beside the keyboard thin bezels matte black finish the only thing that’s changed as far as I could tell was a top finish on the lid of the device it has a slightly rougher kind of sandpaper-like finish.

 Screen Panel

The screen has minimal wobble, and it’s very solid with little give and the keyboard deck has some flex but for such a thin laptop it’s very rigid overall the keyboard and trackpad both remain the same. As last year the keys have short essential travel but the actuation force key capsizing and feedback are all okay with some other keyboards I actually have trouble typing at fast speeds but this one I didn’t have any issues with so I’ll see it’s good but it just needs more key travel the backlighting is still a single zone so only one solid color at a time which is unfortunate on such an expensive laptop and the non-standard right shift key placement it doesn’t bother me because of the way that I type but it’s something to consider if you’re someone who hits the shift and question my key with your right hand the trackpad is very nicely sized and remember when they switched to the boxy design.

The trackpad required way more force to activate than the previous model but now it’s much better it no longer tires out my finger after long use the frosted glass surface is smooth button clicks are much quieter than other track pads and the tracking is very accurate this is one of the best track pads of any Windows laptop you have the option of either a 1080p or 4k screen both are 60 Hertz and the model that I’m reviewing is the matte 1080p screen it’s also the one that I would recommend because you get better battery life and that’s going to be pretty crucial in a moment the past few generations of the blade stealth had decent panels mostly lacking in brightness, but this one is significantly brighter. Subscribe us free of cost to us where you can get latest information and updates on customer care of almost every company.


You got is the SSD and the Intel ax 201 for Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 the SSD is still the Samsung PM 981 and it’s one of the fastest drives on the market inside is a 53 watt-hour battery that’s getting me about six hours of better life closer to five and a half if I have the brightness set to 90% with two tabs in Firefox no video playback and visual studio, and for this reason I would recommend against going with the 4k panel because 6 hours is already on the short side for an ultrabook for context. The previous model I believe got around 7 hours, so this is noticeably worse than in the previous generation, and that’s the thing right you pick this laptop.

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