Tiktok phone: Everything you need to know

By | May 29, 2019

Tiktok Phone:The viral platform Tiktok parent company byte-dance is planning to launch a new smartphone. According to the report, the phone would be modified entirely for Tiktok publisher as well viewer.

Due to security reason, Tiktok banned in India, but now, they have come alive. Mashable in its report, the phone is preloaded with Bytedance apps.

Chinese company Byte dance has a few famous apps ex Jinri Toutiao news, aggregator. Douyin is a clone of Tiktok.

This you can get preinstalled in TikTok phone if the project is final. Financial Times says ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming is looking future in the smartphone industry.

In this year, they have made a deal with smartphone manufacturer Chinese company Smartisan.

The Byte dance CEO is aggressive towards smartphone manufacturing and looking company future in it. But, they need patients.

Tiktok is very popular in India. They are looking to push the business in India. It is not new; Amazon and Facebook also made self-branded phones.

But, they were failed to continue with their smartphone products. It would be good news for Tiktok fans if they launched their smartphone earlier in India.

People for popularity, they were producing adult content, which turned the app banned for a few days.

Later, the government has directed Tiktok not to create content like this. Also, advised not to allow such content in the future. Otherwise, they could be in trouble.

Nbcnews in its report, Tiktok fined 5.7 million dollars agreed to pay to the US Government.

They were illegally collected data of children’s who were below 13. The Federal Trade Commission says it was the largest civil penalty ever issued.

Another tech giant Huawei banned in the US and Google has temporarily suspended the business till the further notice. 

 So, it is a curiosity for all, and what’s new they introduced in their phone model.  

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