6 free twitter monitoring tools to monitor the Power Of Your Tweets

By | January 2, 2020

Twitter monitoring tools: I feel that communication is very important nowadays especially when I send out a tweet; I wonder how many people feel interested to read my tweets or click the links.

I feel it’s very important to go back and review how successful my tweets are to evaluate what improvements are needed.

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Here are 6 tools which will help me with the following tasks –

  • I have to make a list of the people who received my tweet
  • Who sent out an account of this tweet
  • I have to know who had replied to me
  • How many people originally received it in their Twitter stream?

Examples of twitter monitoring tools:

1. Tweet Reach – To me, twitter is an effective and useful tool. What I also like here is to view those who sent out the tweets and then I can follow them within tweet reach. Do you want to stay friends with my supporters!!

The tweet was showcased 573, 223 times to people but some of them received it twice or more. From the graph displayed, I can assume that over 60,218 received this tweet 2 to 4 times.

That’s not a bad thing as for some of the other reasons they may fail to see the tweet the first time around.

2. Google URL Shortner – Monitor clicks by hour day or week. Bit.ly – When I shorten a web address with bit.ly, I can make track how many times it was shared. It’s very important as well as necessary to check and try different variations of text within a tweet when I send a link to monitor what works best.

3. Google Analytics – In Google analytics I can choose Traffic Sources > Social > Network Referral. This will help me to have a view of the traffic that I got from twitter. If I click on twitter, I can see the links that will generate the maximum traffic.

4.Twazzup – It helps me to show twitter in real-time. If necessary, I can paste some of the interesting content of my tweet and find out who is sharing it after being shared.

5. Twitscoop – If I am aiming at a particular market, I shall be highly interested to view if anyone in that target market is also interested in sending out my tweet. It will surely enable me to look for tweets consisting of keywords with my recent location. The Twitscoop will also help me to enter any location you wish.

In that particular area when I will be entering with the keywords for my tweet, then I can see anyone in that area that has replied to my tweet. There could be a flock of people and in this way, I will be connecting with them.

6. Sharedcount – There is also another power of the tweet, if my tweet contains a link to my blog post or website, then I can use Sharedcount to find out how often that link has was shared out on social media.

This facility is available only on twitter but I can have been picked up and shared out on LinkedInFacebook.


I hope guys from now onwards you can monitor the power of your tweets with this free 6 free twitter monitoring tools. I shall definitely try to improve this for the next post based on this provided information.

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