5 best free volume booster for android in 2020

By | January 14, 2020

Best volume booster for android: With the increasing age of your android devices the sound quality decreases. It is the most common issue that faces every android device owner in 2020. Digital music sales have increased by 15% when compared to last year, and music apps are now the second-fastest growing app category. 87% of the world population has a mobile phone, and 95% of the phones now come with memory card slots in 32GB, 64GB where people can save pictures, listen to songs, watch videos, etc. Let us take, for example, 5 billion mobile phones in the world, out of which 2 billion are smartphones. Around 50% of it holds the Android market. So, people who love to listen to quality music on the android devices, you can install third-party music apps that can boost up your listening taste and gives you high-quality sound material. The default player and music settings that come with your android device are for average users. If you’re a music lover, you should check out these music apps that boost up your listening experience.

As you all know, HTC bought Beats by Dre in 2011and now includes technology, both software, and material, to enhance the sound quality of its smartphones. For its part, Dolby favored agreements with several manufacturers, and the Dolby digital plus is present in Nokia X, Kindle fire HD amazon, and Samsung A/M/S series devices. This kind of partnership allows Beats or Dolby to control the sound source directly and manage all user experience. But for other device owners like Samsung, LG, and Sony, you can modify the sound quality of the phone with the help of android volume booster applications.

Enhance Music Quality using android volume booster Apps

Below all listed volume booster app for android that works in 2020

01. Poweramp

One of the most popular volume booster app for android/tablet is Poweramp. It is my favorite android app that increases the sound quality of your Android. It improves the music quality with a dedicated music player. The app costs you $4, but the trial version of the Poweramp allows you to use the full-featured power amp for 15 days. You can try the trial version, and if you love, you can purchase it. It has advanced audio control, excellent sound quality, and accepts all music file formats.

You can select equalizer to configure your music taste or choose from one of the presets. Moreover, choose the player skin or theme to blend with your smartphone color.

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02. Equalizer

Another, best free volume booster for android 2020 is Equalizer. It improves the sound quality of your android tablet or phone. You can apply equalizer presets based on the music genre. Equalizer has additional audio effects such as bass booster, virtualizer, and reverb preset. It has got 5 Band-level Equalizer Controller and integrates with the stock android music player. It also works with streaming music like Pandora, Spotify, etc. The app is free to use.

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03. Music Volume EQ

Music Volume EQ works like a charm, a volume booster app for android that works in all android devices in 2020. People who use the primary device as Android should install this music app to listen to some high-quality music. It has five-band equalizer, bass boost effect, nine presets, stereo led VU meter and home screen widget.

04. PlayerPro Music player

It is one of the top music player apps in the android market that can boost android device volume by 30% from the original volume.


  • You get to browse
  • Play music
  • Watch video
  • Download artist pictures
  • Genre, manually change ID3 tags
  • Album folder
  • Change theme skins of the player
  • Download and save lyrics
  • Has an equalizer with customizable presets
  • The stereo widening effect, reverb effect, bass boost effect
  • Volume control. 

It’s All in One music player that you need for Android devices.

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05. Doubletwist with Magic Radio

Doubletwist is another fantastic free volume booster app for android, it has a player with Magic radio is an infinite music playlist with love. You can select songs, create a playlist based on the moods. Around 15+million tracks on the cloud from which you can play a song. You can sync music (even from iTunes playlists) to your phone from your Mac/PC over USB or Wi-Fi or Airsync.

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