VR games without controller for Android/iPhone free download in 2019

By | May 6, 2019

VR games without controller free download | Do you agree that VR games are way popular now a days? Many companies are launching advanced VR controller, which are too expensive.

Being a student, it is pretty tough to afford an expensive controller.

Wondering how to play VR games without controller?

Many virtual reality games are there which can be played without controller. Moreover, it gives you complete VR experience with a headset.

The headset is motion sensitive and works according to your movement. We are going to share 12 free VR games for android/iPhone without controller which you can play using headset on Android and iPhone at a cost absolutely equal to zero. Haaa!

In this list, I have included different categories of VR games such as racing, hard core action, horror, roller coaster and space battle game.

So, without wasting a fraction of second let’s see what are those 12 best VR games no controller in 2019?

List of the best VR games without controller free download for your Android/iPhone devices

1. Smash hit (VR games without controller)

Smash Hit
Smash Hit
Developer: Mediocre
Price: Free+
‎Smash Hit
‎Smash Hit
Developer: Mediocre AB
Price: Free+

Smash Hit is a physics-based VR action game. You can play this game without a controller. The activities include the breaking of color metal balls.


The game featured with the technical demo, but it’s a lot of fun.

The game play is you have to break obstacles, fight with metal balls and targeting glass objects on the way. Touch the screen and throw metal balls at the target.

Smash Hit VR offers on-rail shooter experience that transcends an abstract dimension.

But, if you have a limited number of bullets (balls), don’t worry! You can collect more weapons by destroying the obstacles like pyramids and for life. Get diamonds on the path you run.

You will sign out from the game if you are in out of balls you have another option, you can start the game from the beginning.

It offers a new level of VR experience! You can play the game completely without controller; you need a handset to control.

Control the game by quick eyes blink and fingers reaction with your headset.

 2. VR Roller Coaster (No controller required)

VR Roller Coaster
VR Roller Coaster
Developer: Doodle Mobile Ltd.
Price: Free+

Do you love Roller Coaster? You could be. Do you agree? You never go to the roller coaster because you afraid of Roller coaster.


It gives realism of real life roller coaster. Experience, all the dips and turns in VR mode without any game controller.

You are in front seat, feel the surrounding environment . Feel movement of Roller coaster ride in VR mode. It allows you to make your own coaster. Then, next you can go for testing in a simulation that feels like real life roller coasters.

VR Roller Coaster can control using a headset. It follows your body movement.

  1. Tapping with one finger to re-calibrate
  2. Forward direction when looking around in your seat
  3. To restart your ride tapping with two fingers.
  4. The complete game play follows the movement of your eyes and fingers

Thus, you can play this game without any controller.

3. VR Sky Battle War – 360 shooting

VR sky Battle War is considered one of the best free VR games for android, this shooting game made for those who love world war games. The game-play is to work harder against the enemies.


Shoot many targets at the same time with your anti-aircraft gun. Learn how to deal with a powerful weapon in an epic military air war game.

Understand how to fight against fighter planes, navy fighters, chopper in the battleground.

Let’s see how to play VR Sky Battle War – 360 shooting with a headset. Make physical around 360 to look for incoming enemy fighter planes and helicopter.

Now, target all the incoming planes for the auto shoot.

You can check the radar for enemies’ activity. In Non-VR mode, you can take, make challenge with your friends for the Ultimate VR Air Battle.

Moreover, if you want to shoot against your enemy, hold on shoot bottom. VR Sky Battle War – 360 shooting game need a VR headset and no controller needed.

4. Slender VR Escape Horror Game

VR Escape Horror House 3D
VR Escape Horror House 3D
Developer: Serkan Culfa
Price: Free

Love VR Horror games? If you want to enjoy an ultra-realistic horror game, then, you should try Slendra VR Escape Horror Game.

The game starts in Slendra haunt which is a dark scary horror basement.


You will feel real terror when you move around the basement with realistic creepy sound.

Make a 360 degree move around the basement and always stay conscious. She could come and catch you anytime.

You have to stay safe and don’t let her catch you. If she finds you try to run and escape, otherwise, you would be out of the game.

Use headphone to feel creepy spatial 3D Sound. Many users commented on play store. Most of them said first time they felt scared for its realistic graphics and sound.

If you are curious about the haunting, then, you should once played slender VR escape game. Moreover, no controllers needed for game-play.

We have not done yet! Check out more

5. The Rising Evil (VR Horror games without controller)

‎Rising Evil VR: 3D Horror Game
‎Rising Evil VR: 3D Horror Game

Another android/iOS games without controller support is the Rising Evil VR. It provides a stunning creepy horror experience.

The game starts with a small intro, then, you woke up in a haunting room & the game begins.


You will explore the entire horror building alone. Which very scary & frighten in every second, but warned! Someone is watching you wherever you go.

Look around every corner, move forward & try to escape from the building this is the goal of the game.

The game is playable in Android device and can played in 3D Cardboard Virtual Reality. Use headphone to enjoy Spatial horror 3D Sound.

You are going to download best horror VR no controller required for free in 2019.

6. VR Haunted House 3D

VR Haunted House 3D
VR Haunted House 3D
Developer: Serkan Culfa
Price: Free
‎VR Haunted House 3D
‎VR Haunted House 3D
Developer: Erkan Yayman
Price: Free+

In my list I have another, android VR games without controller support. Love to play Virtual reality in paranormal activity genre.

I have got another interesting free VR horror game without a controller is VR Haunted House 3D.


It is a famous paranormal activities game. Moreover, gives you to fight against horror. It starts from a haunted house, where a lot of ghosts and mystical events in it.

You have to enter the house to fight against them. Protect the house from the negative activity and unusual monsters. You will play as a player, an awaiting hard mission for you.

The game can played in VR cardboard; it also can control by Virtual reality headset. Moreover, you can enjoy the game with no controller.

But, if you want to add a controller you can connect through Bluetooth.

This game also support Bluetooth controller.

The game offers automatic mode, move forward and backward anywhere you want. There is a pointer on the screen, target the monsters, it will fire them. A magnet sensor allows you to examine activities around you.

7. VR Racer – Highway Traffic 360

Seeking the thrills of a modern sports car but don’t want to buy a car.

Then, VR Racer – Highway Traffic 360 game is for you to meet your desire. The game offers a realistic environment of driving, you can pick any car you want.


In this game, you will find realistic locals around the world. You can take your car for driving anywhere around the world. 

Experience sports car driving in different racing track environment. Moreover, you can pick any cars you want and upgrade the car according to the racing competition.

The frame rates is smooth, so, you won’t feel any lagging while playing the game.

VR Racer – Highway Traffic 360 offers extraordinary virtual reality experience. The game designs without any controller.

To change the direction, tilt your head left and right.

8. VR X-Racer – Aero Racing Games

VR X-Racer - Aero Racing Games
VR X-Racer - Aero Racing Games
Developer: IEC Corp
Price: Free+

Looking for best virtual reality racer game without a controller. The VR X-Racer – Aero Racing Games boast of superb graphics quality.

Also, next to the future world space ship and 3D racing tracks.


Easy to navigate the space ship, and also has various control options. and rotate head for perfect viewing sight.

This particular action-packed lets you in the air, break rules and beat obstacles.  It is a endless racing game!

You need to collect various rings, drifts, unlock spaceships, speed booster.

As more you alive on the game, it becomes harder to avoid obstacles like temple run.

This game looks incredible when you wear VR glasses of Samsung S10 models. VR X racer can play without a controller. You move your head forward for high speed and backward for a break.

9. Deep Space Battle VR

Deep Space Battle VR
Deep Space Battle VR
Developer: Archiact
Price: Free

Deep Space Battle VR games for android without controller. It belongs to Virtual reality space shooter genre.

It is said one of the best space battle VR game without controller in 2019. You can play this game in Google cardboard for free.


It is the first space shooter game, which was only for Google Cardboard. It provides immersive experience of virtual reality spaceship fight.

Moreover, Screen shattering effects through a beautiful 3D landscape while you target enemies.

Deep space battle offers detailed intro. You defend against the invasion of the Shadow Fleet.

It has real-life environment & great control. Moreover, it provides all-round space battle action experience.

The best part about this game is that Track enemy ships, auto-target, and fire.

The game is unlike other space shooter games but it has a great future space ship experience.

If you love space ship action then you will love the game.

This game requires no extra equipment, only the headset is enough.

Once an enemy falls into the radar, your ship will auto-fire. So, it becomes easier to destroy enemies that are approaching you.

All in one best free VR game for android. You can download android app. In addition, playing the game requires no controller.

10. Snow Strike VR

Snow Strike VR (Free)
Snow Strike VR (Free)
Developer: dpid.co
Price: Free

Last but not the least, another vr games no controller needed is Snow strike. VR snow strike is very fun to play.

You might lose yourself in an action-packed winter wonderland. You will play as a player; your main target is to defend your snow fort.

When incoming snowman enemies coming at you, target them and attack with a snowball.


As you go deeper into the game, it becomes easier to handle. The game requires no more controller. It is free for Android devices.

A new challenge updated daily and becoming addictive.

So, we can say Snow strike VR is the best fun games available in Google cardboard no controller required.

11. VR Highway Racing Stunt Rider -VR Bike Attack Race

Another racing game that requires no controller is VR Highway Racing.

It is exclusive and completes bike racing VR game without controller available Google Play-store.

The game-play as if you are riding a sports bike.

  1. Look left or right as your bike makes a turn
  2. Look Down use a nitro boost – that is amazing.


The game mimics the MotoGP19 and has a few extra of new features. Now, you can buy bikes, collect coins and challenges with the game.

Games Gear Studio Limited challenges and brought new features in the development system. That ensures the game customizations according to the user ease.

The game is hardcore action as well as funny.  You race against gangster bike and stops them by kick & punch button to fall down which is very funny.

You avoid yourself from different obstacles & race against gangster coming towards you.

During the game-play, you can collect different pickups of booster, stunts, and power up.

It shows realistic controlling.

  1. Look left to Punch
  2. Right to Kick
  3. Look up to perform stunts
  4. Look down for Nitro Booster.

This game requires no controller .

12. All-Star Fruit Racing VR (No controller needed)

All-Star Fruit Racing VR
All-Star Fruit Racing VR
Developer: XR Games
Price: Free+

Looking for best free VR racing game for android and don’t know what to play? It said one of the VR best racing games made without a controller.

All-Star Fruit Racing VR is a unique concept on thrilling racing games genre. The game published by XR Games; the publisher has published only one game in play store.


The tracks are set in a different location around fruit planet. Where you can drift vehicle through different gates, jump from one track to another.

Crashing and destroying a competitor vehicle is the main aspects of the game!

Each vehicle classes resemble unique abilities that’ll help you to beat the opposition. Collect different types of fruits when you drive vehicle along the road.

The more you collect the fruits, it will be easier for you to upgrade or unlock a vehicle.

The game has different types of challenges on each track which makes this game addictive.

If we talking about the controlling system about the game. Face the direction you want to go and move backward for braking. This is one of the best VR cardboard racing games without controller needed.


Hope, you friends have enjoyed reading the ‘12 best VR headset games no controller needed’.

I have listed popular “VR games for android/iPhone without controller free download in 2019”.

If you find this post helpful, then kindly share this article with your family and friends.

If you know any other VR games that I missed here, then it will be very kind of yours, if you let me know your feedback in the comment section. Thank you.

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